Friday, 2 November 2012

Eventer gives riders the confidence they need.

Eventer gives riders the confidence they need. 
By Claire Henderson
Friday 2 November 2012  

THE final horse riding clinic has come to an end at Whitegate Farm. 

Located on Lower Mountain Road, Wrexham, Tuffy Tilley’s livery yard has all the necessary amenities to hold clinics. 

Miss Tilley, 51, originally from Denbigh, holds three clinics a year, one at Easter, one in July and the final one in October. Each clinic lasts two or three days depending on the season and the riding groups are formed by riding ability. Each lesson lasts two hours.  

The 2012 October clinic ran from the October 30th until the November 1st. Day one consisted of grid work, followed by a day of jumping single, more challenging fences. The final day riders complete a full course of show jumps they would expect at a show.  

Donna Coswoth, 39, from Buckley has been a client of Miss Tilley for four years. She has had many one-on-one lessons and attended many clinics over the years. She recently bought a 5-year-old gelding and says she needs all the help she can get. “I will carry on doing clinics to gain my confidence and improve my riding. I feel my horse and I have both improved in our jumping,” she said. 

The quality all riders appreciate about Miss Tilley is her honesty. Sian Warburton, 37, from Wrexham said, “she is honest and constructive- always resolving any issues that arise.” Mrs Warburton attends the clinics to regain her control and confidence in show jumping. “She challenges me- not letting me wimp out,” she said.   

Brydie Knight, 13, from Babell has only been riding two years but says she has achieved a better jumping position after attending two clinics. “I enjoy everything about the clinics, even falling off. You learn something new every time.” she said.  

Seren Parry, 10, from Lixwm, is one of the youngest riders who regularly attends the clinics. “I don’t enjoy riding with no stirrups, but I know it helps me," she said. Her aim is to be a good rider and said Tuffy helps her to do it right.  

Miss Tilley teaches those who are just beginning to ride, and professionals who event at top events such as Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials.

Sian Wynne Morris on young horse Dorchis.

Emily Cumming. 

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