Sunday, 10 June 2012

Race for Life.

Since 1994 hundreds of people gather in the center of Chester to support Race for Life, a charity that holds a 5km and 10km walk, jog or run to raise money for Cancer Research.

Starting at Chester’s race course on the 19th of June 2011 at 9:00am, the route through Chester’s city center will begin, bypassing the high street and other areas in Chester. 

Richard Wykes, 41, a GP from Ruthin said: “I have not taken part in Race for Life yet, but have always sponsored my friends and family who have. It is an important cause and a great idea to raise money.” 

The event starts with a warm up routine, getting everyone involved and excited for the journey ahead, with loud dance music and an aerobics coach. 

“It is not only a great way to raise money but to spread awareness too” said Janna Mayanen, 42, a Global Communications Manager from Chester. “Chester is a beautiful town and a perfect place to hold such an event.” 

There are many reasons why people take part in Race for life, Lorraine Little, 48, a nurse from Broughton said, “My sister suffered from breast cancer and I witnessed her struggle through a long and tough battle with the disease, but she was fortunate enough to pull through- but many people are not so lucky. “My sister now participates in walks throughout the year in support of cancer, she is inspirational.”

Heart Radio will be there to support everyone taking part and to help everyone get into the spirit. 

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