Monday, 19 November 2012

Chester University holds Green Snap Photo Competition.

Chester University holds Green Snap Photo Competition. 
By Claire Henderson
Monday 19 November 2012 

CHESTER University is holding a photography competition, which will get students and staff involved with saving our planet. 

From the 19th until the 25th of November anyone involved in the University of Chester are encouraged to get snapping for the ‘Green Snap Photo Competition’ and upload their images onto the ‘Green Chester’ Facebook page.  

Each day of the week has a different theme from ‘recycling’ and ‘switch off’ to ‘water’ and ‘wind’ with a chance to win Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

Alice Elliot, 33, from London, has been the Sustainability Practitioner at the University of Chester since May this year. “While key areas of my job involve delivering out Carbon Management Plan by reducing our carbon footprint, achieving energy savings and delivering our Green Travel Plan it is also vital to embed sustainability across business through communication and engagement with everyone,” she said.  

The competition is a light hearted way to get people involved in thinking about the issues the university deals with as part of the environmental agenda, for example recycling. It is not about giving directions but a way of getting people involved and letting them express themselves. Hopefully this will nudge the culture of the University of Chester towards behaviour which is more environmentally sustainable, explained Miss Elliot.  

Student Switch Off, an NUS scheme, which the University of Chester is signed up to has a partnership with Ben and Jerry’s, they offered to give tubs of the ice cream as prizes. Chester Zoo has contacted the University and offered two tickets to be given to the top winner. “It is important to reward and thank people for their contribution,” said Miss Elliot.  

Other events linked to the Green Snap Photo Competition is ‘The Green Chester Launch Fest’ and next year there will be a ‘Green Tie Dinner’ for those involved in the agenda and to reward people who take part in Green Impact.  

“I hope to get people talking about the issues and signing-up to take part in the different initiatives that the University supports,” she said. 

Miss Elliot thinks this competition, along with the other activities and future competitions run in conjunction with the Green Chester Launch Fest, are important engagement tools. “The joy of a competition is always being delighted by the effort that people do put in and how they can often surprise themselves by how much they get into and become advocates,” she said. 

On the 29th November from 17.00pm, in the Small Hall, voting will take place at the Green Chester Launch Fest. The person with the most votes will win. Two tickets to Chester Zoo.

Green Snap Photo Competition Poster.

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