Monday, 11 March 2013

Magazine Project

Hi all,

I am currently working on a magazine for my second project in third year. It is all very exciting and I really cannot wait to have a final product.

The magazine can be about anything I wanted, and I have chosen to do an equine magazine. It seemed the best idea seeing as I have access to people who ride and the eventing season has just started.

Included in my magazine I am going to have articles on how to plait up your pony/horses mane, a feature on the Highveld Horse Care Unit in South Africa and a feature on Laura Cocking the Eventer. As well as a few more. It is going to feature a majority of my photography work which is exciting because there is so many clinics going on and so many events coming up.

I will put my final product on here as well as some progress pieces as it moves along :)


P.S. I have also finally got a photography website running, so check it out!

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